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E-LEARN STARTER COURSE - Includes access to our virtual campus PLUS our “starter” training modules in the E-Learn format.  You will have access to complete the first three modules on your own time, 24/7.   This course is perfect for those who are interested in developing a “passive” debt buying business.  Working very little (maybe 1 hour and $1.00 per file) and forwarding the file to our network of agencies who will then use their time, resources and money to enforce your files for you. 

Building a business that works when you don’t.

Building a business that is not dependent on your knowledge, resources, time or money. 

Building a business that can provide a stream of income for your family and loved ones when you can’t.

“Starter” Training Modules

You will have access to complete our “starter” modules which include:

Module 1 - Setting up the Perfect Virtual Office

Module 2 - Marketing your Business

Module 3 - Form Preparation 

In our easy to learn, “E-Learn” format allowing you access to these training modules 24/7.  Self-grade quiz for each module.

Access to attorneys in every state with free electronic forwarding software

Never pay an hourly attorney fee again.  Our network of Collection Attorneys only are paid their fee if the judgment is collected. 

Now you can ever worry about a “unauthorized practice of law” issue again, when you need an attorney, you can have one.

Access to Nationwide Agencies, allowing you to forward your files to them at no placement fees

What if you could invest 1 hour and $1.00 of your own money AND have someone else work your file for you.  Spending their money to find assets, enforce the judgment, prepare the paperwork and collect your file for you.  Now, you can.....

Never pay any up-front costs or placement fee to submit your file to them.  Our network of agencies only are paid their fee if the judgment is collected.  Have a team working for you when you are not working.

Now you can work on bringing in the paper while someone else collects it for you.  Allowing you to work a large inventory of judgments with very little of your time or money.

Access to Licensed Private Investigators in every state

Investigative services to assist in the collection of commercial files. 

State Specific Forms, Polices & Procedures

A map of the United States (including Canada) which allows you to view each state for state specific forms, court links, policies & procedures, etc. 

Monthly Round Table conference

A monthly 60 recorded conference where current new events relating to changes in the Credit/Collection, Debt Buying Industry and Judgment Recovery world are discussed. 

Student Library

A wealth of information found in separate areas of the Student Library.

Magazines & Publications, Reference Material (printed, audio & video), Articles of Interest, Common forms and samples and other legal aids.

Student Lounge

Open discussion forum exclusively for the students & graduates of the Judgment Recovery Institute.  Sharing together, working together and succeeding together.

Over 46,000 links to Free Public & National records

Includes over 36,000 databases containing billions of public records.

Bank and POE Searches

Because all student orders are batched and submitted under one major account, we are able to obtain discounted rates instead of the much higher rate for a low volume account.  Working as a team account can save each student money in their investigative costs and may even allow you an opportunity to outsource the file for assets when before you thought you could not afford to.


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open to ANYONE with the desire, dedication and commitment

to learn the Judgment Recovery business

to get started for less than $2.00 per day.

Too many Judgment Recovery businesses never make it out of the starting gate because they either:

Lack Experience and/or Training

Are under Financed

Don’t have the right Team

We can help you in all of these areas.  Getting you pass the finish line

And on your way to the Top.

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